Why should you work with us?

Because we have all type of technological, operational and organizational competencies may be needed in an information security project. Therefore such a situation can’t occur that a project led astray by a narrow-minded technology oriented IT guy or on the contrary a technology inexperienced advisor. In that way the theoretical background (e.g. risk management and regulation environment) and practice (ability and experience of technological realization) are attendant and complementary of each other.

That means when we give a solution answering for a client’s claim it is alwalys done along tangible goals and detail mature plans (and never do that in ad-hoc way). We always pay regard to understand the complete system beside the detail of our issues. The exact startup points and exact goals are also always clarified before the start of a project or rather when e.g. we create regulation environment we previously discover and understand the technological, operational and organizational limitations, aptnesses and difficulties. We always recommend operable, reasonable and well functioning solutions only.

Our projects are performed along international standards, local and international relevant law and the best professional practice. Regarding all of them as base we perform individually customized deliverables to each client considering for the speciality and technology aptnesses of the client’s organization.


Our main added values