Our Mission

Nowadays information is basic and main resources of any company.

It is a commonly accepted argument that daily used data assets, organized in different structures and stored in most cases in a digital form is one of the most important and most valuable possessions a company may have.

Therefore the optimal usage of the available data assets, similarly to any resource the company has, is imperative.

However – due to day by day usage – the information is exposed to several risks and dangers threatening the security and continuity of the workflow.

The main priority is to protect these assets against threats and the elimination or reduction of the risks.

Security.hu Ltd. is committed to help its partners on the highest level.

Our Mission: to assist our partners in the continuous improvement of their information security, in both operation and organizational fields, taking full advantage of all the available technological background and resources.

Besides the preventive information security (organizational, operational and technological), Security.hu Ltd. gives help in case of already happened information security or technological incidents.

Our operation is on the highest professional level, based on relevant international standards and our own continuously developed methodologies. The tasks are carried out by a highly qualified, experienced and stable team, with commitment to the value of quality.

Security.hu always endeavors to cooperate with their partners based on mutual benefits and win-win deals. Fundamental part of such cooperation is the evident and appropriate privacy and secrecy.